Travis Miller

Designer / Art Director / Creative Coder


Fuze Goes Bang!

Art Direction / Design / Motion

Fuze Goes Bang is an annual summer party hosted by Fuze Reps to promote the artists and creators they represent. In 2016 the event was hosted at the Sunnyside Pavillion beach house located on the shore of Lake Ontario. Creative industry professionals in Toronto are invited to attend where they can drink, socialize, and view gallery pieces on display. These videos were used on social media to drum up excitement and remind invitees to RSVP leading up to the event.

Fuze Goes Bang! - RSVP Website Screenshot
Fuze Goes Bang! - Poster 2 Fuze Goes Bang! - Poster 1 Fuze Goes Bang! - Poster 3
Role Art Direction / Design / Motion
Agency Leo Burnett
Client FUZE Reps
Creative Director Lisa Greenberg / Ryan Crouchman
Copywriter David Thornhill
Art Direction / Design Ryan Crouchman / Kristina Marija Valiunas
CG Artist Pierre Bourjo

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