Travis Miller

Designer / Art Director / Creative Coder



Branding / Art Direction / Design

Visual identity and web design created while working with the team at gskinner. This open source resource, produced by the company itself, is held in high regard by members of the web development community as one of the best JavaScript libraries to aid in the creation of creative content.

CreateJS - Poster CreateJS - Poster detail

CreateJS consists of four separate libraries that work independently or in combination. EaselJS gives developers more control over the HTML canvas element, allowing them to create highly graphical interactive experiences. TweenJS allows the developer to animate HTML elements and graphics created with EaselJS. SoundJS loads audio files to create seamless audio experiences on the web. PreloadJS assists with loading assets to allow for a nonstop experience. CreateJS encapsulates these as well as Zoë an application used to help with the creation of animation sprite sheets. Each of these libraries needed a unique look and feel while still appearing connected to the overall CreateJS suite.

CreateJS - Logo Design CreateJS - Typography CreateJS - Palette CreateJS - Suit design CreateJS - Website homepage
Role Branding / Art Direction / Design
Agency gskinner
Client Internal
Created By Grant Skinner
Creative Director Chris Caldwell
Web Developer Patrick McGuckin

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