Travis Miller

Designer / Art Director / Creative Coder


I am a designer, art director, and creative coder. Over the past 11+ years I have worked hard to cultivate a wide range of skills across the spectrum of design and technology. Using knowledge from both domains, I am primed to work on inherently interdisciplinary projects and satisfy a wide array of visual communication needs.

I create design systems, logos, print layouts, and motion graphics.
I conceptualize visual identities, ads, and photo shoots.
I code generative art, modular typefaces, and the odd website.

With a solid foundation in design fundamentals, I approach each project as an opportunity to learn and refine my creative sensibilities. I’ve had the pleasure of working on teams at Leo Burnett, Monnet Design, OneMethod, gskinner, Brand Lab Partners and most recently Leia Inc. My hope is to always collaborate with others who share my passion for producing striking and thoughtful work. Together, combining business strategy with sophisticated creative and technical proficiency, I believe what we can create will be observably impactful and truly inspiring.